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About Us

Patrick Sellers

Owner, Principal Consultant

After CA voters passed Prop 64 in 2016, new regulations forced Patrick to shut down his cannabis farm. He shifted his attention to consulting and advocacy for the cannabis industry, supporting small independent cultivation businesses in Mendocino County, California.

He focuses on permitting and compliance, with an emphasis on project management and strategic planning.

After working in partnership with environmental compliance specialist Chantal Simonpietri for several years, Patrick went solo and formed Headquarters Consulting (HQ) in 2020 at the start of the COVID19 pandemic. He has since built out his scope of services offered to include GIS Mapping, Drone Photography, & Building Plans. Additionally, through partnerships with other firms, HQ is able to offer grant writing, CEQA document preparation, engineering, and other services.

He was the founding President of the Mendocino Cannabis Alliance (MCA), and was a Regional Chair on the Regional Council of Origins Council, a state-level advocacy association representing small independent cannabis businesses in legacy cannabis production regions.

In 2022, Patrick began to research the Oregon Psilocybin Services program and participate in the rulemaking process, ultimately deciding to begin accepting a small number of clients in this brave new world. Having been a lifelong advocate for drug policy reform and the cognitive liberty movement and recognizing that the services and resources that HQ offers are largely transferrable to similar programs in different regions, our team is excited to be building the capacity to support this emerging sector.

Prior to his work years as a Cannabis Farmer, Patrick accumulated a wealth of diverse experience. He represented artists and promoted visionary and psychedelic culture through his work co-managing the Tribe 13 Art Gallery in Northern California and he helped launch the Temple of Visions Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles. He coordinated live painting and provided art direction for the Envision Festival in Costa Rica. In 2013 he was the Mayor and a senior project manager on Fractal Planet, a 300+ person Burning Man camp at the corner of 2:00 and Esplanade with multiple stages, spaces, and massive art installations. He coordinated a small series of global relief efforts and formed an organization called Transform Relief to support the people of the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan. He was an account/project manager for The Confluence Group, a marketing and media agency in Los Angeles. He also built a web resource for environmentally conscious living, provided tech solutions for a podcast network, and worked as a post-production supervisor and assistant editor in the film industry.

“I love participating in a diverse range of projects with unique, meaningful missions and inspired, creative collaborators. I have experience in many fields, which gives me the skills to help launch or develop projects efficiently and effectively with or without major funding. I focus on projects involving drug policy reform, social entrepreneurship, visionary art & culture, permaculture, and ecology.” – Patrick Sellers